How can you boost your VPN speed?

Using a VPN is the best way to maintain your anonymity online and remove any unwanted website restrictions. However, one of the challenges we encounter is that the internet speed is low when you use a VPN. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to do everything you can in order to speed up your connection. Here are some simple ways to boost your VPN speed.

Stop your local security solutions

Most security software will end up limiting your bandwidth, and that will also affect the VPN. That’s especially true for anti-malware, anti-virus software or your firewall. Make sure that you stop backup and auto-update options that also eat up a lot of your connection speed.

If you’re using a wireless connect, go for a wired one

Normally, wireless connections are not as fast as a wired one. So if you feel that your VPN is slowly loading stuff, switch to a wired connection. This is the best way to eliminate any possible wireless problems, and it will certainly work the way you expect. Keep that in mind and use your wired connection if possible, every time you want to use your VPN.

Switch devices

Upgrading to a newer device is a good idea since most of the old devices tend to lower the connection speed due to their own limitations. You don’t need the latest, state of the art devices, but a newer generation unit will bring you a better speed for sure.

Connect to another server

Not all VPN servers are offering the same speed. Due to their location and workload, some of the servers might have a lower speed. Distant servers will have a low velocity and high latency. That’s something you want to avoid. Most reputable VPN solutions have at least a server in every country they support, so just switch servers and see how it goes.

Restart the router or device

Usually a simple device or router restart will do the trick. This will help solve most connection issues, since it re-initializes the router and your device to its regular settings. There can be issues like memory leaks which slow down your speed.

Is the internet working properly?

Checking on your internet connection is very important and it will show you if everything is good or if you need to make any changes. Access the internet without a VPN first to check speeds, and then use the VPN for a proper comparison. It’s ok to restart the modem too, that might help. Sometimes you might have to upgrade your internet plan because it’s too slow to begin with.


In the end, there are multiple methods you can use to boost the VPN speeds naturally and bring in great results. It will help you a lot if you deal with these problems, as you will be a lot happier with a high-speed VPN. Usually, it all comes down to trial and error, as you might not have all these issues present. But check them out, see what works and what’s not ok, then adjust accordingly. Most of the time, these issues presented above are the main culprits however, so address them and you will surely see a VPN speed improvement!